How to Mix Epoxy Resin and Hardener Without Bubbles?

Before mixing Epoxy Resin and hardener, it’s essential to understand what causes the bubbles and look for ways to avoid the. There are four major reasons why bubbles pop out at the time of mixing, and they explain too how to mix epoxy resin and hardener.

  1. Exposure to cold temperatures.
  2. Compromising on the technicalities for mixing up the products.
  3. Pouring too thick and curing becomes an issue causing bubbles.
  4. Using a piece that easily traps air when the epoxy resin is poured on it.

Since epoxy resin is divided into two parts, the resin and the hardener, and mixing the two substances prompts a chemical reaction where they get changed from being a liquid to a result of a solid.

To enable the process to succeed, mixing the solution will enable the curing process to take place properly and get a beautiful end product.

It’s therefore essential to be careful and knowledgeable enough if you want to get a well-cured resin.  This can be done by measuring the epoxy resin appropriately by following the below steps.

  1. Measuring the exact quantity of the epoxy resin needed.
  2. Use correct measures of the resin and hardener and;
  3. Thoroughly mixing the products for at least 3 minutes. Ensure to scrape the sides and the bottom to ensure no hardener sticks on the container being used.

One of the best epoxy resins to use is the ArtResin, which is a high-gloss epoxy resin. Those who have experience in the past have enjoyed using it and getting a crystal clear finish, and in this case, the ration used for mixing the hardener and the resin is in the ration of 1:1.  Having equal amounts and thoroughly making a perfect mix will eliminate bubbles in a more recommended way.

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 Most DIY artisans find this as the biggest challenge one can experience at all times, but luckily enough, there are great tips that one could apply to reduce the formation of bubbles and get a glossy, shiny and smooth piece.

How To Mix Resin and Hardener Without Bubbles?

Use of a Torch

The mixing of the resin and hardener forms many bubbles; however much one may continue stirring with accuracy. This case does not determine how experienced one is. Therefore, as soon as you are through with the stirring, those bubbles may not be eliminated. Using a Torch is very effective as the flame will heat the resin surface, and all of a sudden, the bubbles will be destroyed.   Many people have wondered how this process takes place, but indeed, it turns out to be the most effective way of eliminating any bubbles that may have been formed during the mixing procedure.

An ArtResin has an easy handheld Artists Torch and using it in the craftsmanship works will help a great deal to produce a smooth, shiny and glossy look piece.

Avoid Whipping The Resin

The initial process of mixing the resin and the hardener determines the result of the mixture.   Always create time for concentration when combining them. Stir gently and scrape the sides and the bottom to ensure that the entire area is fully touched. Mix comprehensively for at least 3 minutes, and DO NOT whip like the way one beats the egg whites for a precise mixture.  The whipping will act as a catalyst for the formation of more bubbles, and one may end up using a torch for a long time, trying to eliminate the bubbles than necessary. It does not mean that stirring will not form bubbles, but it will be easier to handle them than when one has whipped the mixture.

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Mix Under Warm Temperatures

ArtResin epoxy is a favourite to warm temperatures.  The perfect temperatures that should be used for an ideal mixture range from 24-30 degrees centigrade. Once mixed under these temperatures, the expectation is that one will get a crystal clear substance that will spread quickly when poured on the surface, and after curing, there will be no repeat job because of the presence of bubbles.

Cold temperatures do not work out well, and the final mixture will look milky cloudy and when poured on the surface. It will also be hard to spread as opposed to the one mixed under warm temperatures. 

Bubbles will form indefinitely. It may not quickly cure, and when cured, one will not have an attractive product.

Remove Any Trapped air Before Application

While one can mix the hardener and the resin in a perfect manner, blow out the bubbles that may have formed, it’s necessary to ensure that the surface that one is using is free from aeration.  For instance, when using a wood surface pre-seal, any areas could be a catalyst of erupting bubbles upon application and then spread.  Spread afterwards and give it time to cure, and this will avoid any bubbles from forming in the product.

If this procedure is followed, then there will be no bubbles in the resin, and the products will always look appealing to anyone and for commercial purposes.

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How To Mix The Color With Epoxy Resin?

A good product will always look good and more beautiful if mixed with a color that matches one’s preference. For instance, when making jewellery, having various colors that ladies love matching with their clothes will be more appealing.

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Color is added after thoroughly mixing the resin with the hardener. Once comfortable that the mixture is okay, its time now to add the color of choice. Add small portions until you feel the color texture is favourable for the surface.

Always keep up with these epoxy mixing tips, and your products will keep the appealing texture for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much color is sufficient for adding to the epoxy Resin?

A. Any time you want to add color to the epoxy resin, do not add more than 6% of the total mixture of the ArtResin. The reason being that it will react with the chemical reaction that is needed for a perfect mix.

Q. What can one use to color Epoxy?

A. There are various colorants such as the children’s watercolor paint, alcohol inks, nail polish, and dyes. They have excellent finish and do not disappoint.

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