How to Make Resin Dice? – Fully Explained

 How To Make Resin Dice

Occasionally, there is a need to take some time out and relax from the regular duty possibly on a weekend and enjoy oneself.

A dice game is such a friendly game that can be played by friends, family, and colleagues so long as one is sure of the roleplaying.

When playing games such as Dungeons, or dragons, the entire game requires around seven dice pieces to make it a complete game. Therefore, there is a need to know How To Make Resin Dice using one’s creativity to make any dicing activity a fabulous one.

It is also important that when preparing the different types of dice, they should be best suited to the character in question and the type of game being played. The dice are made of different images, inscriptions, and colors too. For instance;

  • The colorful dice- This indicates that the face of each dice has a color of its own.
  • A standard dice, on the other hand, has a different number of dots on each face.
  • The character dice- These have images of card characters such as the King, Queen, jack, and many more. They are best known as the Poker dice.
  • Other dices have positive and negative number digits on each of the faces to ensure that they are well conversant with the game.

With this picture in mind, it’s now possible to know the type of resin dice to make and how to go about it.

How to Make Balanced Resin Dice?

Making a Resin Dice is a great DIY activity that uses any form of creativity at home using any shape and design and ensures that the fun keeps going.

To make a reside dice, there are several materials to be used as detailed below.

1. Incredible Silicone Solutions for dice – These refer to high-quality products which help in producing clear dice. If one wishes to make colored dice, the solution is highly effective though curing may take a little bit longer than expected.

2. Dice Mold – a dice mold made of an acrylic material to produce a plastic look and shine product. The best way to make the dice clearer and smoother is to drive the resin firmer to form translucent dice.

3. A toothpick to be used in opening a hole in the mold and removing any air bubbles that could be present in the resin.

4. Two disposable cups for mixing.

5. One will also need a wooden spoon for stirring.

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6. A mold release agent is also essential because it helps the resin to get out of the mold in an easier and faster way.

7. Mica powders or alcohol inks – Using these will give a glittery appearance on the dice and recommend using them.

8. Some stuff to put in the dice when ready.

How To Make DND Dice?

Now that we have all the materials ready, and preparation space in order, the next step is to learn how to make the DND dice easy.

  • The first step is to mix the mold with the incredible silicone using the cups mentioned above. Make sure that proper measurements are taken. This can be done by using several disposable cups to give an allowance for measuring different molds.
  • Add some fresh mold into the silicone.
  • Position the dice that you need to mold into the center of the cup and ensure that one side faces up. The dice should be pressed firmly to get into contact with the silicone. Also, ensure that the cup is gifted with silicone but make sure to stop at the rear edge of the dice to give it an allowance for drying.
  • Once the silicone is dry, remove the dice from the mold. At this point, the resin is mixed with powder or glitter for a shiny look.
  • Mix well and pour the resin into the formed mold in a round manner and avoid spilling it to the top and allow it to dry. With time the resin will shrink and as such one can add some droplets of resin if need be to ensure complete and unique dice are produced.
  • Give it some time to dry and personalize it to the event you were preparing for. Pour the resin gently to form an excellent concave look and give it some time to cure. Poke it with a toothpick to remove any bubbles and there you are the dice is formed.

    You need to color the dice with a permanent color of choice, and indeed it will look elegant and create fun while playing with it.

    These are the general steps that are followed, whether making the polyhedral dice resin, plastic dice, homemade dice, or even making your own DND dice. So long as these steps are correctly followed, then the outcome will always be perfect. Of importance, it is critical to understand the kinds of Resin Dice Molds that are available. It generally consists of 7 variations, and these are listed here below.
  • D4- The D4 forms the shape of a triangle with numbers 1 to 4 appearing on the dice’s faces. There are also three numbers arranged on each peak’s side, which aid in knowing the value to play with when the game starts.
  • D6-This one has the shape of a cube with numbers 1 to 6, and it is the most popular dice used to play the game when the opposite sides are considered, the numbers equal to 7.
  • D8-The dice resemble a pyramid with eight triangular sides. Its opposite sides add up to 9.
  • D10- It is a ten-sided dice forming the shape of a kite with numbers 0-9. Its total opposite sides add up to 11.
  • Doo -The dice are calculated as a percentage of 100 and referred to as the percentile dice. It resembles the D10 but is used in pairs whereby, one dice read numbers 0-9 while the other one has 0-100 with a division of tens.
  • D12- It has the shape of a pentagon with a total of 13 opposite sides.
  • D20- With a D20, the faces equal to 20 resemble the face of an equilateral triangle with a total number of opposite sides equaling 21.
  • Last, there is the D100 dice, well known as the Bescn Polyhedral Dice. It has 100-level surfaces and looks as big as a golf ball.
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Where To Buy Dice Molds From?

This is a question raised by many DIY crafts. To answer this, note that buying quality is better than buying cheap materials which may be of waste or the Dice may not last long.

Some of the renowned market sellers include Amazon, AliExpress, and Etsy. You rest assured of quality products that will not disappoint. But then, always ensure that the surface is clean and spacious enough to allow space for a unique product.

FUNSHOWCASE Resin Dice Molds Epoxy Casting Kit Set

The Funshowcase kit has unique features which include;

• It has a Multifaced 3D dice silicone tray set. This is an excellent feature for board games, casino theme party favors, gift toys for children, and cake decoration, among others.
• The polyhedral mirror finished dices make it easier to make bracelets, work as teaching tools, and educational toys too.
• It is easy to destroy the gloss finish because of the transparent rubber tray which becomes easy to view the bottom during the project process at any one time.
• The tray has multipurpose use such as being used in the refrigerator, and oven so long as it is within the required temperature which ranges between 40-222 degrees centigrade.

Some of the features of Pourable Plastic Deep Pour Up To 2” Thick Clear resin 3 Quart Kit Perfect for River Tables include;

Pourable Plastic Deep Clear Casting Resin

  • Has a colored epoxy that is easy to mix with the Mica Pigment powder to produce crystal-clear dice.
  • Has a deep pour characteristic that is suitable for resin tables, and tabletops, with excellent Embedding applications.
  • This resin has a lower shrinkage rate in comparison to others which translates to long life.
  • It is produced explicitly from the USA and has enhanced UV inhibitors to reduce yellowing after applications.
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How To Make Polyhedral Resin Dice?

 A polyhedral Resin dice is a dice that has multiple flat surfaces which have equal sizes. So long as you have all the materials required, all that is needed is to ensure that you mix the resin properly and ensure that the mold is adequately measured. Do not allow any air in the mold to form air bubbles which might not give the right end product.

Take caution and work in a ventilated area. The resin’s smell is strong and may suffocate the user if there is limited aeration. 

You can as well use a ventilator to support aeration in case of fresh air limitations.

For a shiny glitter look, add glitter or alcohol inks, and beads to make it look more presentable. This is done before pouring the resin into the dice to allow the product to cure at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can one measure if the resin dice are balanced?
    The best way is by putting the dice in a glass of water and trying to spin them. If the same number keeps floating, then it is a good confirmation that it is not balanced.
  2. How can one get bubbles out of the resin dice?
    Using a small portion of baby powder works best. Use a light paintbrush and dust in the powder and extract any extra bubbles before dusting out thoroughly.
  3. How can I confirm that a DND dice is balanced?
    One of the best ways is to place the dice in the water and take note of the dice facing upwards. The best ones will face upwards, but those that are not balanced may show two faces regularly, which you can consider unbalanced. These can be thrown away and planned to prepare others.

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