[TOP 8 Difference] Polyester Vs Epoxy Resin

The first thing to note is that anytime a craftsman wants to use any resin form, they consider the kind of a job they intend to carry out. This is a question that keeps recurring because many people do not understand the difference between epoxy and polyester resin.   If one is building a boat, the … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Epoxy and Resin?

It is worth noting that Epoxy and Resin are adhesives that are mostly used in the construction industry. They are liked in these areas because of the level of strength they have when bonding things together. However, there are vast differences that can only be differentiated by applying each one of them. They are commonly … Read more

How to Add Color to Epoxy Resin?

When making a piece using Epoxy Resin, coloring becomes essential. It adds value to the piece making it presentable, whether for a DIY purpose or making a substantial commercial sale. There are different types of colorants, and it’s essential to note what piece one is using to get that glossy and attractive look. Its also … Read more

(5 Steps) How To Polish Epoxy Resin?

Resin Polishing is one of the best-known ways to obtain a perfect and shiny surface of any object or piece made by epoxy resin.  At times the original finish may not turn out well and therefore the need to polish the piece to look new and admirable once again. Therefore, anyone who has made a … Read more

How to Make Resin Dice? – Fully Explained

Occasionally, there is a need to take some time out and relax from the regular duty possibly on a weekend and enjoy oneself. A dice game is such a friendly game that can be played by friends, family, colleagues so long as one is sure of the roleplaying. When playing games such as Dungeons, or … Read more

How to Fix Uncured Epoxy Resin?

A resin is a compound found from a highly viscous substance from a plant or a synthetic origin. It’s formed by mixing two components by the radiation process so long as the components match each other. The process of radiation can either form a solid or a liquid solution, depending on the use. For instance, … Read more